Свадьба - Jacin Fitzgerald

Jacin Fitzgerald

If you didn’t know this about me, dinner parties are my love language. I can’t wait to get back to them, and the weddings, and the gatherings, and the hugs, and all of it. Today I woke up optimistic. Like there’s a really beautiful change in the air, and that light at the end of the tunnel seems just a bit closer. So I’m holding on to that, and all the things that make me happy, and all the GOOD happening right now. I’ll always err on the side of optimism even with the tiniest bit of light. ✨ Photo from our “tomato night” supper club this summer on one of the hottest nights of the year where friends from near and far gathered around the table until the very last candle flickered out and the playlist faded out the last note. These are the days and memories that get me through the dark.

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b-9pzsoheel

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