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Brides Up North

WEDDING SUPPLIERS! We are excited to announce our Masterplan for a new way of working, and invite you to become a founding member of UNVEILED Network. We are ripping up the rulebook of bridal media advertising. We’re no longer interested in a one off ad spend with limited background support. It’s draining us, it’s boring you and it’s not inspiring our clients! We all deserve more. Now is the time for us to do things differently. Through our revolutionary, new way of working, we’ll be adding endless extra value to you and your wedding business: injecting a massive dose of heart and soul; amplifying support both in front of potential clients and behind the scenes; facilitating impactful learning and business development and forging real relationships between individual suppliers to make the wedding industry stronger and more successful across every specialism. All this at the price of our old advertising listings, or WAY less than a daily takeaway coffee (!!). Together we are powerful and now is the time to stand together. This is your invitation to join our dynamic and exciting community, which we are calling UNVEILED Network. We will help you to reach more wedding couples whilst reaching your true business potential and we detail what’s included in this video! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Today we are launching a Founding Member offer... as one of the first 100 members of UNVEILED Network you will pay just £295+VAT per annum, and this price will be locked-in for subsequent membership renewals. This Founding Member offer will be applied on a first come, first served basis. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ As we expect demand to be high, you can secure your Founding Member place with just a 10% deposit via our online shop, and we will then be in touch to arrange payment & the next steps. Monthly payment plans are available on request - we are here to support you! Learn more and join the Network at: http://www.unveiledmagazine.co.uk/shop/unveiled-network #unveilednetwork #bridesupnorth @unveilednetwork

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