Delicate Bohemian Macrame Wedding Inspiration | Weddingomania

Delicate Bohemian Macrame Wedding Inspiration | Weddingomania


We love boho chic weddings! So relaxed, so beautiful, so adorable! Bohemian style bewitches your senses into forgetting the world and subtly forces you to live in the moment through visual seduction That's why I'm sure that you'll enjoy this wedding inspiration no less than I did. The shoot fuses together free-spirited design details with elements of macrame, all paired with a hefty dose of color and charm. The dress and cake embellishment were created out of the everlasting love for macramé and fringe. I love lots of handmade details and beautiful florals by The Dainty Lion. I hope you'll take some inspiration from this amazing shoot for your own boho wedding.

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