Free Soul Boho Vintage Wedding Shoot - Weddingomania

Free Soul Boho Vintage Wedding Shoot - Weddingomania


Pastels can look sugary sweet in some wedding shoots. If you aren't really a fan of something so overly feminine, but still have a passion for pastels, take a look at today's shoot, where they harmoniously blend in with rustic boho and vintage décor. Pastels in the background of aged wood details make a slight contrast, which makes the whole look of the décor a bit more industrial and eclectic. Guys from Lisa Digiglio & Danielle Design in collaboration with other suppliers made a lot of effort to make this shoot so incredible. Let's get straight to the details to see how exactly they made it happen.

The main idea of the shoot was to show two creative free souls that love to wander and aren't afraid to be themselves. Talented folks chose incredible La Scuderia Charming Rooms in San Paolo Solbrito, Italy, which has an incredible and romantic old world feel. This place also has an amazing backyard, so wedding creatives shoot both indoors and outdoors. The main details they've wanted to show in this editorial were vintage cameras to highlight a bit of a hipster vibe, a door as a table, muscari, bulbs and succulents, dragonflies and moths. As for the flowers, the guys preferred a unique mix of non-traditional textural blooms, such as hydrangeas and proteas, and branches of greenery. I'm especially thrilled by their fashion choice. The groom looks utterly stylish in his green trousers and plaid jacket. Both bridal looks reflects a certain side of her soul: a vintage dress connects with her love for old world and boho gown - with her free spirit. There are more interesting details to see, so travel down the gallery below to get inspired!

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