41 Romantic Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania

41 Romantic Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania


Cherry blossoms, or sakura, are traditionally loved by Japanese but these beautiful blooms are gaining more and more popularity among all the others, too. Cherry blossoms create a romantic ambience, and look stunning, they just scream spring, so why not choose them as a wedding theme? Cherry blossoms are ideal for embracing the spring, they are charming and very beautiful, they will echo with blush or nude very well. Today I'm going to inspire you with adorable cherry blossom ideas that will convince you to try these blooms.

Wedding Venue

Find a beautiful cherry garden when it's in blossom and get married there, you will never regret! Blooming cherry trees will create such a beautiful ambience that you will love it, and your guests will be charmed for sure. Your ceremony and reception can take place there, or you can at least go there to take some photos, they will be gorgeous. If you choose a blush wedding dress, a cherry blossom crown and bouquet, they will echo with the trees around.

Wedding Arches And Aisle Decor

Cover your wedding arch with lush cherry blooms to make the ceremony spot stunning, and you can also hang some candles in tiny candle holders on the arch. You can also decorate your wedding aisle with cherry blooms in vases, attach cherry sprigs to the chairs. They will look so romantic!

Wedding Reception Decor

Cherry blossoms are so gorgeous and lush that you needn't too much décor with them. Place cherry branches in glass vases or jars and use them along the whole table to get a gorgeous look; add tiny candle holders for a chic look. Put a couple of cherry flowers on each place setting, as for chair décor, cherry blossoms can be easily attached with some ribbon.

Wedding Sweets

You can turn the simplest cake ever into an adorable spring-like one with just cherry blossoms, real or edible ones. You can also serve cookies, cupcakes, pudding and other sweets with cherry blossoms as décor, looks so adorable!

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