Nail Art: Striped Tip With Flower

Please read the descriptionbox before asking any questions! - - Thank you for being with me in this new year 2014! I hope you all will enjoy my future video's as well...Since i've been very busy lately, and will be the upcomming time, i can't promise to do a video every week. I hope you will understand :-) Link to the brush: To get 10% off, use the code: WYL91 Have you already become a member of my facebookpage? Come join me, and check out swatches and even more nail art. Don't forget to subscribe for more video's :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-------------- Social media: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: All items are purchased with my own money, won in a nailart contest here on youtube, send to me for reviewing purposes or send to me as a gift. I'm not being payed by a company for showing these brands or telling their names. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music credits go to: Dan-o The song is called: Deep in Blue

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