Свадьба - Firefly Serenity Kaylee Frye Wedding Garter // "Shiny" //

Firefly Serenity Kaylee Frye Wedding Garter // "Shiny" //

Make your wedding "Shiny" with garter in the style of Kaylee Frye. It is made of olive drab cotton with pink trim like her coveralls and shirt. It has the teddy bear, red heart and hand written Chinese symbol for "love." It is handmade and looks it. The pink net ruffles recall her big, fluffy pink dress. Your groom will know everything is going to be shiny when he sees it. This garter is a subltle way to add a bit of geek fun to your wedding. The small garter is 12-17...

Источник : https://www.etsy.com/listing/256099878/firefly-ser

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