Свадьба - Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell

Lately I've really been feeling the pull to take a step back from technology and a step towards the handmade. Ceramics has always appealed to me - I love the concept of slow and mindful living and making. Who better to learn from than master craftsman Eric Landon and so this week I've been workshopping in his beautiful studio right here in Copenhagen. Working with clay has already proven to be quite the challenge! I'm a bit of a perfectionist at heart but it's refreshing to be a beginner again - to learn to be OK with failures - and even encourage them. Clay is flying everywhere (apologies to my wheel throwing neighbours!) and my pieces are collapsing left right and centre but with practice and insight from Eric and his team, something resembling mugs/bowls/vessels are starting to take shape by the hour. At the end of each day my boots and apron are splattered but my mind is feeling inspired and free ❤

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bpti-1alnrl

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