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jacin fitzgerald

we've just wrapped up our 2017 wedding season and planning + design prep is under way for our 2018 clients. just a quick note I'll be offering a few more #jfcreativeconsulting 1:1 sessions this fall - available for photographers (portfolio review, social media, collaborating with dream clients, etc), planners (pricing, contracts, processes), floral designers (processing, design, ordering, pricing, day-of), venues (content development, social media reach) and design plan mini sessions + custom sessions if you're looking for something specific. I have a few sept dates + oct + nov, along with jan + feb. if interested, email me (click contact tab in bio) or via my website or [email protected] also that tree peony won all awards

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/byn-qpphujg

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