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Stone Fox Bride

It all started with a DM in the Spring of 2017 that said: "I think I saw you at the Standard last Easter Weekend” and I replied "were you wearing the Converse? sorry if I had RBF, I was in a fight with my husband" and the next thing you know we're eating lunch talking about reproductive rights and all the ways SFB could partner with @PPNYCACTION (she’s on the board)and my book launch and the friends we have in common (her daughter is best friends with my nephew) and there was a very bearded former sitcom star in a Yankees cap sitting at the table next to us (she was oblivious; I was ogling). By the time I joined @the.wing a few months later ("you're friends with Lisa?” said someone in reception my first day. "you know we call her 'the Mayor’) the husband was no longer and my Dad was sick and we had collaborated on the PPNYC partnership and it was pretty rad, but little did I know my lunch date and I were in it for the long haul: Midterms, motherhood in the age of #metoo, conquering the zeitgest, white fragility, RBG, Little Girl Lost, tikkun olam, blurred lines, the list goes on; we kept on talking. Then my Dad died. Turns out she’d lost her Mom to cancer, too. “You need a grief sponsor,” she told me over text. “Someone who gets this fresh hell.” I wept. She handed me a hanky. Next: I was in career transition."This is hard," I said. She said, “I hear you.” She said, “I’m here for you." Former trial lawyer turned creative mentor, she read my legal documents, briefed me before business meetings. Turns out she's also a rabble-rouser, activist, feminist leader. The day we walked out for Blasey Ford I followed her to Union Square where she led an pop-up protest in support of sexual assault survivors. We broke bialis on Yom Kippur. Our kids ate candy side by side in the dark during "The Grinch" while we slurped super sized Diet Cokes in matching leopard coats. This morning, on the subway, I was taking stock (it’s the 11 months anniversary of Dad’s death) of my Grief Guides (it takes, as they say, a shtetl) — and @lawofruby, my Work Wife — without you I’d still be crying on Dad’s gravestone. Thanks for pulling me out of the darkness daily so I can do my job.

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/braqn1caefb

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