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wedding photo - Diamond Qipao Bracelet

Diamond Qipao Bracelet

Popularized in Shanghai during the 1920's, the Qipao is a study in shape and form. Part of Harry Winston's Ultimate Adornments Collection, the Diamond Qipao Bracelet was created using 252 baguette, marquise-shaped, pear-shaped, and round brilliant di

wedding photo - Diamond Wave Necklace

Diamond Wave Necklace

Inspired by archival drawings, the Diamond Wave Necklace captures the grace and fluidity of Harry Winston design, with 534 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of 60.18 carats and an incredible pear-shaped diamond drop of 60.14 carats, set in pl

wedding photo - Royal Gardens Feather Diamond Brooch

Royal Gardens Feather Diamond Brooch

Rare gemstones in vibrant shades and exceptional diamonds define this one-of-a-kind brooch, which features an 11.34 carat Oval Mandarin Garnet, round Tsavorites weighing a total of 2.83 carats, and diamonds in round brilliant, pear, and marquise shap

wedding photo - Avenue C Large

Avenue C Large

The Avenue Collection celebrates the style and sophistication of New York City -- home to Harry Winston's historic Fifth Avenue salon. Inspired by the elegance and architecture of the glistening city skyline, the Avenue C Large features a total of 34

wedding photo - Winston Cluster Earrings

Winston Cluster Earrings

Originating in the 1940s, the Winston Cluster is one of the House's most beloved and enduring icons. True to Mr. Winston's vision -- in which designs are defined by diamonds rather than the settings -- different cuts of diamonds are hand set in a min

wedding photo - Mrs. Winston Cascading Drop Necklace

Mrs. Winston Cascading Drop Necklace

Inspired by our founder Mr. Winston, and his beloved wife, Edna, the Mrs. Winston series reflects a perfect marriage of her sophisticated style, and his dream to one day dress a woman purely in diamonds. A true show-stopper, the Mrs. Winston necklace

wedding photo - Diamond River Necklace

Diamond River Necklace

The Water Collection is a discovery of the vast incarnations of water as it interacts with the natural world around it, focusing on its variations in color, movement, and form. Evoking the fluidity of tranquil rivers and streams, the River Necklace f

wedding photo - Romance By Harry Winston

Romance By Harry Winston

An evening he'll always remember; a moment she'll never forget; a diamond that will unite them for an eternity. http://www.harrywinston.com/landing/engagement HarryWinston diamond #HarryWinston #алмаз

wedding photo - Winston Cluster Wreath Necklace

Winston Cluster Wreath Necklace

Inspired by the beauty of a holly wreath, glistening with snow, Mr. Winston recognized the potential of grouping fancy cuts of diamonds to create sculptural, three-dimensional designs. The iconic Diamond Winston Cluster Wreath Necklace pays tribute t

wedding photo - Draperie Ring

Draperie Ring

Rows of brilliant diamonds evoke old Hollywood glamour in the Diamond Draperie Collection Fashion Ring, featuring 42 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of 5.53 carats, set in platinum. http://12daysofdiamonds.harrywinston.com/2 HarryWinston di

wedding photo - Secrets, By Harrywinston (Full Film)

Secrets, By Harrywinston (Full Film)

Entitled Secrets by Harry Winston, at first glance, the collection is an exquisite example of the House’s most celebrated designs and techniques presented through distinctly different themes. But behind the brilliance of each gleaming gem, there is

wedding photo - Water By Harry Winston

Water By Harry Winston

Explore the extraordinary wonders of the world's most precious elements -rare gemstones and water - through the House of Harry Winston's latest collection of incredible jewels. Water by Harry Winston brings fine jewelry on a journey to the very hear

wedding photo - Create The Moment

Create The Moment

Go behind the scenes and discover the craftsmanship behind a Harry Winston Engagement Ring. HarryWinston diamond #HarryWinston #алмаз

wedding photo - Cluster Timepiece

Cluster Timepiece

Mr. Winston felt strongly that the natural beauty of a diamond should stand at the forefront of all Winston designs. This diamond-driven philosophy led him to develop pioneering techniques for setting stones, to ensure no distractions from the incred

wedding photo - Ultimate Adornments By Harry Winston

Ultimate Adornments By Harry Winston

Go behind the scenes with the Harry Winston Ultimate Adornments collection and discover the magic behind the creation of these exquisite hand-crafted high jewelry pieces. HarryWinston diamond #HarryWinston #алмаз

wedding photo - Red Carpet Bracelet

Red Carpet Bracelet

Reflecting pure brilliance and timeless glamour, the Diamond Red Carpet Collection Bracelet features 396 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of 57.42 carats, set in platinum. http://12daysofdiamonds.harrywinston.com/1 HarryWinston diamond #Harr