Fifties Style Diner Engagement Shoot

Fifties Style Diner Engagement Shoot



JP and Nicole are engaged! From self-confessed awkward teenage sweethearts into adult homeowners, the couple are still very much in love and a perfect match! Their engagement shoot had to reflect their fun-loving nature, love for each other and...the fab Fifties! The quirky and retro style of the 50′s is shown in its full glory in this Two Love Cats in a 1950s Candy Parlor {E-Shoot}.

As Nicole's heart was set on having a 1950′s vintage-inspired diner shoot, South African photographer Laura from Ruby Jean Photography set out on a quest to find the perfect setting. Although vintage style diners are in short supply in South Africa, they were in luck after uncovering the picture-perfect On a Roll diner set in the heart of the busy Cape Town suburb of Mowbray. Armed with a warm welcome, freebie milkshake and hot dog as photo props, the couple's vintage shoot was a spectacular success!

JP and Nicole's Love Story

How it all began: Well if we had to go back to how we met, it would sound like a very classic story of high school romance. We both had changed subjects in Grade 10 and ended up in the same class: I was the academic and JP was just trying to stay awake in class or was too busy making paper frogs (I still have one he made me). At the time JP had his eye on one of my friends, but soon realised I was the better option I guess, as we started spending more time together, making brownies together and helping him avoid my dad. It was on this afternoon that we went for a walk and quite unexpectedly I made the first move. It was my best kiss and his first kiss, we were hooked. We stayed together all the way through high school, we were best friends and still are. The Tale of Their Proposal: In the third year of university, I was completely unsure about how our future together would be. I wanted to do my masters, which would have postponed any plans on getting engaged and I thought that this was what JP would have wanted. Towards the end of the year, we were planning Christmas with his family in Aurora and he was really persistent that my parents join us. I was suspicious about his insistence, but thought it would be nice to have the whole family together for the first time at Christmas so I didn't question any further. On Christmas Eve, we had just finished dinner and were having a great time. JP seemed slightly nervous while everyone else was really smiley, as if they knew something I didn't. JP then asked for everyone's attention and thanked them for coming and for the lovely meal, and proceeded to ask me to join him. I immediately thought I was also supposed to do a thank you speech or something and was completely unprepared! JP then started to tell everyone about our friendship and how long we've been together, which was about 5 years at that stage, (way to go, high school sweethearts)! He then began scratching in his back pocket, bent down on one knee, opened the box and said that he feels now is the time to start our life together officially and if I would agree to marry. As soon as I saw his eyes were glistening I was crying like a waterfall, I had to catch a breath before I could finally say YES. He put the beautiful 3 diamond princess ring on my finger and kissed me, I was still unable to get out a straight coherent sentence at this point, smiling and crying all at once, and he looked so happy and relieved, as if he had just gotten over really bad heartburn or skipped out on surgery!

Fifties Style Diner E-Shoot Inspiration

Fifties Style Diner Engagement Shoot Style: Nicole suited the Fifties vintage shoot perfectly with her diva red victory rolls hairdo, pink pout and cute dress. Learn how to recreate her look by following these expert {1920's to 1950′s} Vintage Bridal Beauty Trends.

Their pre-wedding shoot offers a taste of what the couple have planned for their wedding day: vintage, old-school glamour and something different. Speaking of which, check out this {Bridal Look} 1950s Bridal Glamour wherein we share some fabulous 1950′s wedding styles.


Photographer: Ruby Jean Photography | Venue: On a Roll, Mowbray, Cape Town

Founding Editor: Storm Buckingham

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