Ooh, it's officially "boots on sale" season!

Ooh, it's officially "boots on sale" season!


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For those of us who live in boots all year round (including those of us who get married in boots), spring is the most glorious time of year, because it's when boots go on sale. I just snagged a pair of Frye's boots for 65% off that I plan to wear with skirts all summer, and figured maybe a few of my fellow every-season-is-boot-season friends would like to get in on the good times.

Now of course we all know that well-made boots ain't cheap, so even when they're on sale, they can be spendy. Repeat after me: IT IS FREE TO WINDOW SHOP. (If you're looking for the cheaper "under $40" boots, head over here.) Also, this post might be a little more "daily wear" than usual, but there are definitely some wedding boots in here!

Random bonus shoe

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