I noticed after about half an hour inside the Acne Studios showroom with the SPACE buying team that they were playing a decent selection of songs from the '70s-era legendary American garage band The Cramps. When I had the chance to ask the brand's team what informed the Fall 2016 collection, I was told matter of factually that the designers were indeed thinking about the band's Poison Ivy and Lux Interior, and filtering what they called Acne archetypes through the iconic lead couple's often gilded and outré but always streetwise style.

While there are other elements of influence in the collection-a literal rope runs through it, for example, allowing for cool structure and shape-it became a really fun game to think about Lux and Poison influence and the Acne addicts we all know and love.

Take next season's sweatshirt. Acne is beloved for their non-basic basics; every season there's a new set of perfect sweaters, sweatshirts, tee-shirts and moto-coats. And the Cramps had a very distinctive, horror show-like band logo. Using an "A" and an "S" for Acne Studios (there's one of each), the brand took their DNA and mixed it up with the Cramp's.

There are far more conceptual and abstract examples, of course, but the genius of Acne is that everyday pieces and big ideas contribute to a single outfit. Suffice it to say leopard prints, metallic hues, '80s punk and '60s garage references play out in faux and real leather, tunics and dresses, accessories and layering pieces.

To be perfectly honest with you, I'm not entirely sure how the cropped and long hunter orange blanket bombers relate-or the pink Timberland-esque boots, but I can tell you they were among the most Instagrammed looks from the runway show, which you can check out-courtesy Acne- below.

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