Romantic, Dramatic & Beautiful Wedding Film Inspiration from Prague

Romantic, Dramatic & Beautiful Wedding Film Inspiration from Prague


Last week, we chatted about how Paris is such a romantic city for an elopement.

But the great thing about Europe is that almost every city is steeped in history, beauty and serious romance.

One such city is Prague. Known as the City of a Hundred Spires, the Czech capital is often an overlooked escape for couples, that has all the atmosphere and charm of the French or Italian capitals, but without the likelihood of running into other couples taking their wedding snaps too, at every scenic corner.

Intrigued? We've got a gorgeous wedding film shoot to share today, that will leave you entirely enchanted...

Filmed by Alexander Pylov of 2 River Film, photographed by Natalia Glagkih and Maria Kuzmina and styled by Honey Wedding, this shoot features the talents of some of the Czech Republic's most creative vendors.

Moody, atmospheric and so elegant, this film (and the pretty pictures to accompany it) takes in some of the most special places in the city, as well as glamorous style, sweet florals, and opulent decor.

One of those films that will take you away from it all, for a few minutes at least, scroll down to read more about it, and hit play.

From the Filmmaker

In October, Prague weather does not spoil. On the day of the shooting it was cool and overcast. But it seems to us, is this the weather was perfect for our style of shooting. The morning of the shoot, the bride and groom started in the luxurious 5-star Grand Hotel Bohemia. From its stunning views of the historic center. The room was decorated with flowers and candles in gold candelabra - a tale had begun! For outside, we chose an incredible place, perfect in style, and mood, and color, the Palace Gardens below Prague Castle. All the shooting took place in the same breath. We have tried to include as much of the living and the sincere moments between lovers. The main moment of the day was the wedding in a Catholic cathedral with the oration priest, the church acoustics, and the beauty and deep meaning of the words There was an indescribable feeling of the importance of the event, emphasised by the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, the warm glow of candles and glitter of gold. This is a real couple, but the wedding is a project for inspiration. The team gathered in Prague to show future brides and grooms that a fairy tale wedding can be created in this corner of Europe.

Watch this Fairy Tale Wedding Film From Prague

Christian & Melissa// Sacre Coeur, Prague from 2RIVERFILM on Vimeo.

So enchanting. It somehow feels like both a vintage love story, and a modern, stylish romance, all at once. And some gorgeous ideas for an elopement or intimate wedding, don't you think? I just love the idea of getting married in black.

Thanks so much to Alexander Pylov of 2 River Film, Natalia Glagkih, Maria Kuzmina, Honey Wedding, and the rest of this talented team for sharing their wedding inspiration with us.

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Now, who's interested in taking a trip to Prague?

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