33 Cute Valentine's Day Bridal Shower Ideas - Weddingomania

33 Cute Valentine's Day Bridal Shower Ideas - Weddingomania


Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year and many couples have dates, get engaged or get married on this day. But it's also a nice day to spend with your gals, that's why today I'm sharing some ideas for the brides-to-be who decided for a Valentine's Day bridal shower.

A Valentine's Day bridal shower, a Galentine party, is a cool day to thanks your girls for being with you and supporting you, this day isn't only about couple's love, it's about friends who love you too! You can choose from various styles and places to throw your shower: spas, cafes, or your own sunroom at home but to embrace the holiday we recommend to stick to pink, blush, red or gold or all of them together!

Bridal Shower Treats

Love is sweet, so we offer you to serve tea with a lot of fruits and sweets! Candies, cakes, shortcakes, cupcakes, macarons and cookies in pink and red colors and with appropriate décor is right what you need. Serve pink party punch and champagne and add petal and heart-shaped ice cubes, it's a girls' party! Make berry drink stirrers and add pink glazings and edible gold letters to the treats, and have a unique and cool cake! Such treats will help you to create a mood and ambience here, so spend some time choosing or making them.

Bridal Shower Décor

The décor can be done in the shades of pink, red or gold, these are traditional and very popular colors for Valentine's Day. use oversized letter balloons for decorating the space and tables, bring much greenery and of course flowers - there's no Valentine's Day without them! Make pink and fuchsia tassels, balloons and attach them everywhere, pink or blush napkins will keep the décor up. Make cool vases of mason jars: just cover them with glitter or sequins and put flowers inside.

Bridal Shower Outfits

As for outfits, you know, there are a lot of options but this is totally up to you. if you want to embrace the holiday, incorporate red or pink into your look, for example, put on a blush lace mini dress or a hot pink shirt. Tulle skirts are always the leaders here, they are girlish and very cute, so you can easily opt for one. Lace mini dresses are another popular option, and you can take it in blush or pink instead of white. Jumpsuits are also very popular, not only for the weddings but also for showers of any kind. Try whimsy options like feather skirts or oversized bows, you are a bride and can allow anything!

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