Свадьба - Kat Williams

Kat Williams

There was frost on the ground this morning and even though it was kinda painful to drag myself out of bed, I'm excited for the month ahead. This festive period is all about one thing - CELEBRATION. Celebration for getting out the other side of 2019 almost unscathed, celebration to spend time with my loved ones, celebration that 2020 - A BRAND NEW DECADE - is just around the corner and all the amazing things that it will bring! Least of all, kicking off with the very first Rock n Roll Bride Live! You're coming right? OMG you have to come! PLUS if you buy your ticket before midnight tonight you get a FREE signed copy of my book too! Listen baby boo, there is going to be NO TIME BETTER than right now to buy your ticket. Not only will you get a book, but the ticket price goes up later this month AND you'll be automatically entered into all the amazing giveaways we have planned for our ticket holders between now and the show. Our winner of the @lucy_cant_dance flower girl dress was picked yesterday, and we'll be launching our next contest (ahem @crownandglory_ custom veil cough cough) next week. To be in with a shot of winning, all you have to do is have your ticket bought and you're automatically entered! Illustration by @veronicadearly

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b5ll6axnrvq

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