Stunning Bridal Dresses - 'A Moment In Time' Collection From Ivy & Aster - Weddingomania

Stunning Bridal Dresses - 'A Moment In Time' Collection From Ivy & Aster - Weddingomania


There's a plenty of bridal styles in the wedding industry, have you figured out already, what's gonna be yours? It's the main question you should ask yourself before heading over to boutiques or online stores, because that's how you can narrow down the search of your one and only dress. There're certain designers that prefer vintage over modern, some prefer rustic over glam. So, once you've picked your theme, it'll get easier to choose.

If you're into rustic chic, you definitely need to check out the work by Ivy & Aster. This bridal brand debuted 6 years ago, when brought a fresh view of wedding attire to the fashion industry, showing dresses with a hint of vintage and boho country chic. Their latest collection is called "A Moment in Time": designers wanted to highlight the importance of the wedding planning process and feelings that bride experiences, whether it's an excitement or overwhelming love. Known for their ability to blend current trends and vintage flair, Ivy & Aster dresses are loved by many brides with passion for vintage romantic quality and modern techniques, such as mix-and-match separates and layers. In their work they use only the finest fabrics to create the dresses with intricate embroideries, flowing skirts and lace inserts. Ivy & Aster brand offers multiple styles so that every bride could find something for her figure, shape and taste for fashion. There're both sheath necklines, deep V-neck cuts, off the shoulder straps and even lace jackets. Make sure to check them all out in the gallery below and visit Ivy & Aster official website for more information.

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