Shew! The bright and beautiful tropical fish bowls of this real wedding is a must-see!

Shew! The bright and beautiful tropical fish bowls of this real wedding is a must-see!



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Not too long ago we featured this Pretty in Pastels - Kleinevalleij {Real Wedding}, which was a whimsical celebration at the amazing Kleinevalleij wedding venue. This time around, we're showing off Reinhard and Lisa's bright and beautiful wedding that included joyfully bright hues of blues, pinks and purples, not to mention colourful tropical fish on their tables!

This super sweet couple pulled off their bright and beautiful wedding with the help of their loved ones. From Lisa's something blue wedding shoes and the vinyl wall decor, bunting and lanterns to the table runners and wedding drinks, their wedding was a real team effort. Captured by Anné Photography, take a long look at the eye-popping colours and details!

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Look

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Shoes: As Lisa couldn't find the correct colour wedding shoe that matched her bright wedding theme, her maid of honour had the task of getting her perfect shoes the correct shade of blue. It came out fabulous!

Bright & Beautiful Bridal Style: Every inch the blushing bride, Lisa looked stunning in a princess style white raw satin wedding gown that featured a strapless delicate sweetheart neckline and a full wispy skirt.

Bright & Beautiful Groom and Groomsmen Style: Reinhard and his groomsmen wore suits with their signature blue ties, which were made to match the shade of the blue bridesmaid's dresses. The groom stood out with a striped blue and white tie and personalised cufflinks that were delivered to him on the morning of their wedding.

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

At their outdoor wedding ceremony, the couple said their vows and it was the first time that Lisa actually saw the wedding ring. Although she had designed it, Reinhard wanted to keep it a surprise until placing it on her finger on their wedding day. "I simply loved it! I really like surprises," says Lisa.

Reinhard and Lisa's Love Story

Lisa shares the story of how they met and fell head over heels in love: My husband and I attended the same church. He noticed me for the first time when our small groups had a joint bible study. From there we started cycling together and went on a mission trip to the Congo. After that he started asking me out on dates and that is how our relationship started.

Wedding Confetti: For their confetti, Reinhard suggested that they use coconut shavings, which Lisa just loves!

(Above Left) Bright & Beautiful Bouquets: The bouquets were arrangements of tulips. | (Above Right) Bright & Beautiful Boutonnieres: Lisa made the heart-shaped boutonnieres by gluing heart-shaped felt together and embroidering the edges.

The Tale Of Their Proposal

Later that evening, he picked me up and blindfolded me. On our way he told me that there was only one rule for the evening, and that was that I was to take off my watch and not worry about the time. Thinking we were on our way to a restaurant, I later realised when he removed my blindfold that we were standing on a He secretly arranged with my boss to give me the next day off, and we really enjoyed the excitement of our first day engaged in the mountains and swimming in the rock pools, dreaming of our life together. wooden deck decorated with a beautifully laid table, candles and lanterns hanging from the trees. The trees were decorated with a poem he wrote, love notes and pictures of our times together. While a fire burned in the background with my favourite potjie brewing, we drank Italian wine and danced to a very special song of mine.It was then that he went down on one knee and asked me with a poem that ends with "will you marry me"?

Lisa shares the tale of their proposal: WOW! He went all out on that one. We always did something special on the 16th of each month as we officially started dating on this day of the month, so I was not aware that this day was going to be any different. Later that day he had a package delivered to my office, with an invite to dinner and a note to "wear this tonight". It was my favourite perfume and unavailable in SA. While I was at work he was spending his time preparing the setting where he was to ask me to marry him.

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Reception

The bare white Kleinevalleij wedding venue was dressed up with colourful hanging, table and floral decorations.

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Wall Decor: Their friend, Phia from Fie & Feen, printed their favourite quotes and scriptures on vinyl, which they stuck on the walls of the reception venue.

Bright & Beautiful Hanging Wedding Décor: Chinese lanterns and handmade bunting in their wedding colours was suspending across the wedding venue.

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Table Décor: Lisa just had to have bowls of mini tropical fish on their wedding tables, Handling them personally, they swimming fish really added a unique touch to their wedding decor.

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Table Runners: Stylish table runners created in colours that matched their bright and beautiful wedding colour scheme was made by a friend.

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Flowers: Tulips in pink and purple shades with lush green stems and leaves added a joyful yet elegant touch to the rest of their table decor.

Rock Stone Wedding Place Cards: Each guest's name was written on a white beach stone, which the couple and the bridesmaids collected from the beach. Not only could guests easily find their seats from this unusual 'place card', but they could also leave a sweet message on the reverse side using the marker that was provided on the tables.

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Drinks: As Reinhardreally loves blue, they had blue champagne. Stretching his creative fingers, Reinhard designed personalised labels for the champagne bottles.

Bright & Beautiful Wedding Photo Booth: They also had a photo booth with fun photo props that Lisa's bridesmaids put together.

  • Just enjoy every moment! It goes by very fast. When the wedding begins, don't worry about anything and just make sure you enjoy every minute of it.
  • Ask friends and family to lend a helping hand. This really goes a long way to keep costs down.
  • Spend on the most important things, save on the rest. Decide what are the most important things to spend money on, and try to cut down on all the other things.

Everything just worked perfectly together at Reinhard and Lisa's bright and beautiful wedding to remember! As the perfect blank canvas venue for both indoor and outdoor weddings, the Kleinevalleij wedding venue in the Wellington Winelands of Cape Town has played host to many other spectacular weddings such as this Alice In Wonderland Wedding - Kleinevalleij {Real Wedding}, which is a real treat to behold!

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