Meet the Team: Louise Beukes Founder & Editor of B.LOVED | BLOVED Blog

Meet the Team: Louise Beukes Founder & Editor of B.LOVED | BLOVED Blog


We've got a brand new look and a brand new team here at B.LOVED, so there's lots of lovely new people for you to meet! Every single member of our new team adds something unique, whether they're sharing the latest fashion trends, make-up tips, wedding advice or cute baby pics, and I couldn't be more proud to welcome them. Every lunchtime over the next few weeks I'll be introducing one of our new team members and five things you almost-definitely didn't know about them! Don't forget to pop in and say hi, but if you just can't wait you can meet them all here.

First up it's me, Louise Beukes, founder and editor of B.LOVED. I love my job, and I'm so excited to be able to share it with a new team of writers who I know you're just going to love. As well as sharing my favourite weddings and inspiration, you'll also find me talking about interiors, fashion and travel in our new Lifestyle section, as well as introducing you to lots of cute families in Little B!

Five things you probably don't know about me:

  • I trained as an interior designer and home is very important to me. My style is contemporary, cosy and calm
  • I lived in the Netherlands for 2 years
  • I've made more friends in the past 4 years working in the wedding industry than I have in the previous twenty-something
  • I love being a city girl, but I feel most at home in the African bush, it's so peaceful
  • I'm all about clean, modernist design but can never resist adding a pretty finishing touch

Louise xo

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