22 Cute And Stylish Ring Bearer Outfits - Weddingomania

22 Cute And Stylish Ring Bearer Outfits - Weddingomania


We've already shared stunning flower girl outfits for weddings of any style and theme, but what about ring bearer looks? Of course, we can't skip this theme, and that's why today we offer you to consider the most stylish and awesome ring bearer outfits!

Many of us pay attention to flower girls dressed like little princesses or small copies of the bride, but ring bearers are important too, so you should carefully think over their suits. And I hope as always our advice will help you.

It isn't a secret that the choice of any ring bearer outfits depends on the season of the wedding and wedding theme. For summer or early fall weddings pick up light fabrics and pastel colors. For fall or winter weddings try to find or sew clothes from fabrics such as velvet, suede, etc.

Now let's find out which clothes combinations you can make for your ring bearers according to your wedding style. If your big day theme is rustic or barn, you can pair simple trousers with a white or cream classic shirt, suspenders, cap and bow tie. For country styled weddings you can also replace trousers with jeans and white shirt by plaid one. And don't forget about accessories that will make the country styled ring bearer outfit complete - add a cowboy hat and boots. If you're planning your wedding on a beach, you can combine a loose shirt and shorts or add a starfish brooch to a classic suit.

Wanna more creative and original looks? We have some ideas too! First of all, don't be afraid to choose bright color ring bearer outfits, for example, pair a classic black jacket with green pants as shown in the pics below. You can also add a printed bowtie (floral ones will be so cute) or suspenders (the most popular printed suspenders are striped ones) for their looks.

Now you can scroll down to see collected ideas of ring bearer outfits and get inspired!

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