Good morning my lovelies and welcome to the brand new B.LOVED! Things are looking rather different around here, and there's just so much to tell you!

18 months ago I had an idea that would change B.LOVED forever. As I set off on the journey of planning, research, developing and designing I had no idea what it would become. Oh of course I knew what I wanted, I've been working towards this day for the past four years, with every post, every feature and every interaction with this incredible world of weddings I've been dreaming, scheming and bringing together this new look!

I am so proud of what B.LOVED has achieved so far, building a reputation as one of the UK's most stylish wedding blogs, this year even winning our first award! But there's a secret I've be dying to share with you...

The new B.LOVED is about so much more than weddings! Yes, that's right, from today I'll be bringing you even more trend-led inspiration for beyond your big day! There's B.LOVED Lifestyle where you'll find everything from fashion and beauty to interiors and travel, as well as interviews with inspirational, and stylish business owners, and LITTLE B, the sweetest baby blog with a focus on fashion (everyone say awwww!). Of course we haven't abandoned our lovely brides-to-be, B.LOVED Weddings is still going strong and we've already got some pretty amazing content lined up to share with you over the next month!

I may have a reputation as somewhat of a Duracell bunny (these past weeks of organised chaos may have worn down those batteries a bit though!), but I couldn't possibly do all this alone. I am absolutely beyond excited to welcome a new team of features writers to B.LOVED covering everything from fashion tips and beauty advice, to stylish childrenswear and party ideas, contemporary interiors and travel inspiration, and not forgetting our resident wedding planning expert too! You can meet the new team here, and I'll be posting every lunchtime for the next week or two to share their darkest secrets (haha!), so please remember to drop in and say hi! The team and I are very excited to be supported by our new Contributor's Network, an extremely talented team of pro's from all over the UK, including photographers to makeup artists, to florists and crafters, who will all be working hard to produce stylish, exclusive content for the new B.LOVED too! {If you'd like to find out more you can enquire on our about page}

You'll also find the new site so much easier to navigate. It's split into three categories - Weddings, Lifestyle and Little B if you're browsing for inspiration, or if you're looking for something specific why not give our swanky search feature a go - you can now search by Style, Location or Colour! I could waste hours playing with this gorgeous new feature! On every post you'll be able to find the suppliers super easily, and if you hover over any image you'll see a quick way to share your favourite pics or pin them directly to Pinterest. I'm anticipating that one getting a lot of use!

We've also introduced an amazing new moodboard feature, so you'll not only be able to lust after all the lovely lifestyle, fashion and beauty finds we share, but you'll be able to click through and purchase them straight away too. I take no responsibility for the state of your bank balance (or mine!). There's some even more exciting features coming in Phase II ( request a media pack to find out more) which launches in December! I told you, I never stop. A huge big thank you to the incredibly talented (and incredibly patient) Ashley & Malone. Seriously you guys, I'm a little bit in love! This creative & techie duo have been with me every step of the way - creating our beautiful new logo (lush isn't it?!) and branding as well as developing this super swish new look - oh and it works just as perfectly on your mobile device too!

I owe huge big thank you's to everyone who has supported me over the past weeks, months and years. You know who you are and know that I am truly grateful for your love and friendship - and sometimes frank and honest works. I owe you a lot. Not least Mr B, who has sat beside me in the office as I've worked 18 hour days, brought endless cups of tea and meals to eat at my desk as I worked on making sure everything was absolutely perfect for you today. For so many reasons, without him B.LOVED simply would not exist and I am truly blessed to call him my husband.

That's just about it, but there's one last thing to share with you. You might have spotted our new tag line 'luxe & lovely'. This was a very important part of the new brand, with our new grown up look, would remain a friendly, warm and approachable place for women of all ages and styles to feel welcomed. Every single person, writer, contributor and supplier, service provider and brand that works with B.LOVED aligns with this ethos. And for that, I am extremely proud.

I hope you enjoy the new B.LOVED, that it fills you with inspiration and ideas for leading a luxe & lovely life.

With so much love,

Louise xo

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